Bladder Infections – A Natural Treatment – Dr. Jonathan Wright

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Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. - Tahoma Clinic in Washington State.

Dr. Jonathan Wright - Tahoma Clinic in Washington State.

Treat a bladder infection without antibiotics?  Yes, it is possible!

Dr. Jonathan Wright, renowned antiaging doctor, speaks about a natural treatment in the book Breakthrough, by Suzanne Somers.  Below is a summary of his discussion with Suzanne.

Did you know that 90% of all bladder infections are thanks to the bacteria E. coli?  Sometimes E. coli, normally found  in the colon, can end up in the bladder and this is when things turn a tad uncomfortable!

D-mannose is a simple sugar that is found in cells in the bladder.  E. coli sticks to D-mannose in the bladder and then the thriving E. Coli reproduce, creating mayhem in the bladder.  E. Coli aren’t flushed out of the bladder, because they are clinging to the D-mannose for dear life. This is where the natural treatment comes in!

We can only metabolize a certain amount of D-mannose and we excrete the excess.  So if we take D-mannose (he suggests 3-5 grams), the E. Coli will be super happy and will cling to the excess D-mannose which will be excreted.  Bladder infection cured. Brilliant, isn’t it!  And like all antiaging medicine, it just makes sense.

Dr. Wright also notes that this will work 9 out of 10 times.  If it does not work, seek medical attention and you may indeed need to take an antibiotic.

Stay tuned for more Breakthrough tips!

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