Breakthrough: 8 Steps to Wellness (Suzanne Somers)

by You Be Healthy

51ujm3ynd-l_sl500_aa240_A friend of mine suggested that I pick up a copy of Breakthrough: 8 Steps to Wellness last Fall, as she knew that I’d love it.  She was right!  This book is incredible.  Both my partner, Dave, and I read it and were just blown away by the information presented in this book.

Suzanne Somers successfully conquered breast cancer with alternative treatments.  She then regained her optimum health by seeing world renowned pro-active doctors.  In this book, she shares what she learned through research and interviews with some of today’s top Western-trained doctors.

We need to turn our backs on outdated medicine and eliminate the present model of aging people in nursing homes, drugged up and no quality of life.  We can enjoy vitality and great health – right up until the end!  And without pharmaceuticals.  It is important to start these steps as soon as possible and learn how you can prevent illnesses.

Suzanne Somers is my hero.  She is truly inspirational and I have the utmost respect for all the work she is doing to get the ‘word’ out.  She has inspired me to do my part as well.

The 8 steps include:

  1. Using bioidentical hormones
  2. Avoiding chemicals
  3. Detoxifying your body
  4. Avoiding pharmaceutical drugs
  5. Creating a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  6. Getting lots of sleep
  7. Supplementing your diet
  8. Exercising regularly.

I will be writing many blog posts about information that I learnt from this book.   By the way, I loved it so much I bought each member of my family their OWN copy 🙂  My copy is underlined, highlighted, written in and well worn…the sign of a great book!

To YOUR health,


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