Found a new great resource! Monday calls with Caroline Sutherland (Medical Intuitive)

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Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive

A friend of mine gave me a ‘heads up’ on a medical intuitive teleconference which happened tonight. It was a great call and full of useful preventive/proactive health information!

Caroline Sutherland ( has written the “Body Knows” books which are published by Hay House.  I have not read them yet but they look really good!

The call tonight was full of fantastic information. Callers may submit a question to Caroline via email or may call in.

Some info/questions/answers tonight included:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – it is an auto immune disease.  1 suggestion was to take out inflammatory foods (coffee, chocolate, sugar, corn)
  • Cancer related question on Lymphoma – a suggestion to use low dose chemotherapy which can be researched more on  Also cut out sugars as cancer cells are glucose supportive.
  • Memory loss in menopausal women is usually due to estrogen loss.  Get your hormones balanced with bioidental hormones – Estriol
  • If you have high blood pressure, start exercising.  Even a brisk walk around the block to start will help!
  • There is a trick to taking supplements – chew a mouthful of food, then pop in a supplement and swallow with food.  Don’t drink too much water with supplements.  Best to take with food.
  • Women on Permarin (horse hormone) – get off it!  Ask your doctor for the bioidentical hormone Estriol.
  • PMS is due to low progesterone.  Can be treated with acupuncture (I can attest to that!).  Cut out coffee, chocolate, sugar, dairy.

There was SO much more information on the call.  You can also listen to the archived calls via her website.  I will be tuning in every Monday to learn more!  If you can’t make it, I will post info that I learn on the You Be Healthy blog.

Thanks to Caroline Sutherland for this great info. 🙂

To YOUR health,


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