I’m a Miracle :)

by You Be Healthy


Skiing in the Backcountry of Squamish, BC (30 mins from Whistler) where my Surgeon's office is.

It is 9 days post operation!  I walked into Dr. McConkey’s office (no crutches) this morning and he raised an eyebrow and said ‘Wow, you are sure moving around fast!’…he then looked at my knee and said he’d never seen anyone heal so fast before. He has done thousands of knee surgeries! I just sat and grinned from ear to ear 🙂 I didn’t mention all my pre-hab ‘antics’ (Energy healing, Bio feedback, Acupuncture, visualizations, supplements, etc – see previous post) that I’d done before surgery. Plus, I just believe I can heal myself and believe anyone has that power.

This brings me to my first physio session yesterday. My new physio (my pre-hab physiotherapist now only works at the hospital – miss her!) was aware that I was way ahead of schedule, but he still put me on the ‘text book’ exercises and told me not to go on the exercise bike for another 2 weeks. I kept my energy up and knocked off his negativity and beliefs. I told McConkey about this and he said to tell my physio that I am to be put on the ‘fast track’ program and that I  should get on the bike immediately, plus I should start swimming as well (yay!)  Remember, there are medical text books but people are all different, so we will not always match up with what doctors learn in a book. YOU know your body best so stand up for yourself and listen to your body!

Something similar happened when I tore my ACL.  3 doctors told me that I was fine and that I’d be out skiing the next week (I WISH! 🙂 ). I finally asked for an MRI as I knew the ligament was gone (I ‘miraculously’ had an MRI in 2 days!!!) and the MRI showed that there was a complete tear of the ligament. They finally believed me! So I was booked in with McConkey (again, ‘miraculously’…) for surgery in 1.5 months. And here I am! Smiling, healthy and happy! I know I am not a special case or a ‘Miracle’ – ANYONE can do this!

To YOUR health,


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