My ACL Knee Surgery!

by You Be Healthy

ski1I had ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament in the knee) surgery on Monday and everything went A-OK!   Neither my surgeon nor myself were sure if it was indeed a complete tear, despite the MRI results which indicated a full tear.  My leg was pretty stable and I felt awesome!  I did a technical, steep trail run on the North Shore mountains the day before my surgery, and apparently without an ACL!

I tore my ACL 2 months ago while skiing on the Pemberton Ice Cap (British Columbia) I did a 2 month ‘pre-hab’ which included acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, ayurvedic therapy, bio-energetic feedback, Energy work, Infrared Sauna, Yoga, visualizations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Naturopath and REST…I am sure that I am missing a few things ☺  Last but not least, I just went with the FLOW.  I did not stress out when I crashed and heard the ligament rip.  I thought ‘Hmmm, interesting…I just tore my ACL – time to change my focus of energy (usually I am running around on mountains or on splashing around in water) and learn from this experience.   Trust me, this makes a HUGE difference.  With anything actually, but I’ll stick to the topic here!  Just go with it and don’t resist.  You’ll always take something positive out of a situation that sometimes seems painful or upsetting!

So, thanks to the advice from my TCMD (Chinese Medicine Doctor), I am supplementing for healing with Vitamin C, Bromelain, Arnica (for bruising/swelling and also took 3 days prior to surgery), Probiotics (to help my gut get back on track after all the drugs they put in for surgery…need a healthy gut to heal!), and Vitamin E (anti-inflammatory).  I also have my regular supplements and amongst those is Turmeric, which is also a natural inflammatory.

I truly believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves if we BELIEVE we can.  We are just not taught to think that way in our culture. It is a ‘quick fix’ world we live in, ruled predominately by Big Pharma.  I don’t buy into this world and am determined to find alternative, natural ways to treat myself and to use in proactive ways.  I have discovered my true passion and intend to share what I’ve learnt!

Along with many posts on proactive health, I’ll blog my ACL re-hab progress which will talk about some new, innovative ways to heal.   I’m already walking around without crutches and have minimal pain, so the pre-hab has definitely sped up the healing process – hooray!

Will keep you posted on progress!

To YOUR Health,


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