Store Bought Baby Food can be Worse than Fast Food

by You Be Healthy

I have a very cute 8 month old nephew and, therefore, I am much more aware of the ‘baby world’!  There is a lot to learn and one of the most important things to pay attention to is what goes into their little bodies.

My nephew is lucky enough to have parents who are extremely conscious about his health and what goes into his body (and what goes on it for that matter!).  Along with being breastfed, he now has all organic food.  Remember, breast milk is the healthiest food that a baby can eat!  If you can, stay away from infant formula and definitely do not feed your baby soy infant formula!  Soy formula can expose your baby to estrogen, affect thyroid function, and can affect hormone levels.

I read an article recently called Junk Food Babies.  I wasn’t surprised at what I read.  A quote from the article:

“Researchers discovered that Farley’s Original Rusks contained more sugar than McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives, that Heinz Toddler’s Own Mini Cheese Biscuits had more saturated fat per 100g than a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese , and that Cow&Gate Baby Balance Bear Biscuits contained trans fats”

Yikes!  So if you are going to purchase baby food, try to buy organic.  Even organic has its downfalls as the levels of sodium can be very high.  It is worth taking the time to steam some veggies, mash them up and – voila – organic, fresh food for your little one!

To YOUR (and your baby’s!) health,

To your health,

Kim Duess
You Be Healthy

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