June 2009

Here is a short video update on my progress. My rehab is going great! To YOUR health, Kim You-Be-Healthy.com

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I had a slew of blood tests done as part of the initial assessment with my preventative health doctor. One of the tests was to for my GLA (Gamma-linolenic Acid) levels.  It turns out they are at 0!  My doctor reassured me that this is the norm for women.  Apparently women’s bodies gobble up this […]

I had another question from a reader who was wanting to know what natural remedies she should use for arthritis pain.  My TCMD (Traditional Chinese MD), Jane, gave me some info today that will help with joint pain: Bromelain (I am taking for my post knee surgery pain/inflammation and it is great!!) Acupuncture (it works […]

A few months ago I received another great tip from Jane, my Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.   This time she recommended Cramp Bark for – well – surprise surprise, cramps!  I had never heard of it but off I went to buy this ‘so called’ Cramp Bark. Once again, I was not disappointed!  Jane’s advice was […]

My great friend and mountain biking buddy, Christina, had a big bike crash a week ago and was the new owner of the biggest bruise I have ever seen!  It was so bad that her husband took her to emergency that night to make sure there wasn’t also a broken bone in her leg. Her […]

My physiotherapist (& now my new friend!) lent me a fantastic book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I am always talking about new and innovative health ideas and she thought that I’d like the info in this book. Well – she was right!! WOW! This book is just incredible. The recipes are delicious (over […]

I like ‘pro-health’ or ‘preventive medicine’ better than ‘anti-aging medicine’. It is way more positive and has a better vibe! :o) A great quote from a great friend: “Support causes that are PRO something, not Anti. Energy goes where focus goes…!” So, what do YOU think? To YOUR health, Kim You Be Healthy

My jaw hit the ground while reading a cover story in a news magazine which slammed Oprah Winfrey, Suzanne Somers, Jenny McCarthy and other women pioneers for supporting forward-thinking/alternative health medicine.  The tone was aggressive, cynical and just plain poor journalism.  It did not show both sides of the story and was a vicious attack.  […]

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