Advanced Icing System for Injuries! The Game Ready System. Pretty ‘Cool’!

by You Be Healthy


The Wrap goes around the injured area and cold fluid circulates.

My knee has had its fair share of icing the last few months.  I borrowed a friend’s cryo cuff for my post-surgery and it did the job.  It is a cooler with a cuff that wraps around the injured area, such as the knee.  You add water/ice to the cooler which cools the ‘cuff’.  The cuff cools down so you must recirculate the water every half hour or so.  This just seemed SO caveman to me!  We do have fridges, freezers that run on electricity, so why was there no fancy icing system?!

Well, there is indeed a fancy new system!  A friend of mine in Portland had his ACL repaired and called me to tell me that I HAD to get this new machine.  He rented his from a local store, had training on how to use it, and off he went to icing heaven!  It is called the “Game Ready”.  As they say on their website, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is a proven standard in treating acute and chronic injury and helping in orthopedic surgery rehabilitation. The Game Ready combines the ice therapy with compression – just brilliant!


The Game Ready

There is a fabric Wrap which goes around your injured area and the cold fluid cycles through the whole Wrap area, AND applies compression!  You can even adjust the temperature to whatever you like.  Now this is more like it!  Good bye caveman icing…!

Unfortunately, I was not able to rent a Game Ready and used the cryo cuff.  I did try the Game Ready at a physiotherapy clinic and I was blown away.  I recommend using this for any post-surgery rehab if you can get your hands on one!  It will speed up your recovery process and you will be back in no time at all.

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