Alarming Stats, Gang!

by You Be Healthy

I was reminded today why I started up the You Be Healthy website. I want to truly help people and spread the ‘healthy word’. I want to do my small part in helping us get back on track. Because we are way off the healthy track as a Nation…

Here are a few quotes from Shawn Phillips from “Strength for Life”. They will make you stop in your tracks and think hard.  This is just insane!

“The numbers are startling. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 30% of U.S. adults 20 and older are obese and 65 percent are either overweight or obese. One out of five kids ages 12 to 19 is now considered obese.”

“Recently we crossed a tipping point where, for the first time in recorded history, the youngest generation of children are now expected to live shorter lives than their parents, even though medical technology continues to advance and we know far more about the impact of poor diet and inactivity than ever before.”

~ Shawn Phillips from Strength for Life

According to Phillips, 64% of obese people don’t think they are obese.  They think it is the ‘other person’.

It may or may not be you, but take the time to seriously think about your weight, health, diet and lifestyle.  Our Nation needs to take action – and fast.

What can you do to make your body a healthier, leaner machine?!  And what can you do to help make your children healthier?!

We CAN change turn this current health crisis around.

To YOUR health,


You Be Healthy

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