Discovered a New Bruise Remedy – Activated Charcoal!

by You Be Healthy


Christina and Aaron Mountain Biking in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park! - Whistler, BC

My great friend and mountain biking buddy, Christina, had a big bike crash a week ago and was the new owner of the biggest bruise I have ever seen!  It was so bad that her husband took her to emergency that night to make sure there wasn’t also a broken bone in her leg.

Her massage therapist (and mine!) is full of great alternative remedies and told her to find some activated charcoal ASAP.  Christina looked high and low and couldn’t find any.  She ended up buying some from a Vet Clinic where her Vet friend works.  The clinic uses it to induce vomiting in animals.

Within just a few hours of using the charcoal compress, her bruise started to heal.  She is so excited!  I will take a small video of Christina telling us all about it (she is very entertaining!) soon.

How It Works (from this website):

“Charcoal influences the body by using the process of adsorption. ADSORB is an important word here. Do not get confused with the words adsorption and absorption. Their actions are not the same. Adsorption is a process in which atoms and molecules move from a bulk phase (such as a solid, liquid, or gas) onto a solid or liquid surface. Too technical for you?

A simple way to describe the process of adsorption is the way water passes into a sponge. It pulls the water to it and retains it until squeezed out. In the case of charcoal we have a sort of ‘live electrical sponge,’ where it adsorbs living and nonliving substances which has the opposite electrical charge. So, when a material adsorbs something – it attaches to itself – by chemical attraction. In the case of charcoal, it’s as though a chemical signal is raised when it realizes a poison is present. It begins the adsorption process by drawing the toxic substance – like a drug or chemical or gas and fermentation to itself. The charcoal binds this matter and it is then eliminated via bowel movements. That is quite an incredible feat for such an ordinary substance.”

Christina and I get many bruises from our mountain biking adventures, so we are going to stock up on this new bruise healing discovery!  We will also always have with us our trusty Traumeel which I LOVE.  It works wonders on bruises too!

How to make an activated charcoal compress:

(taken from this website)

You will need:

  1. Paper towels or a wash cloth.
  2. Charcoal.
  3. Starch or clay powder.
  4. Water.
  5. Plastic wrap.

Directions for use:

Mix a generous amount of charcoal in a bowl, add a little starch or clay powder to thicken. Keep mixing with water until it is of a nice consistency, not too thick, not too thin. Spread a ¼ inch mixture on paper towels before placing on the body. Or place mixture on to a damp wash cloth. The compress must remain wet. Bind the area with plastic wrap to keep in place and retain the moisture.

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