Lupus Joint Pain – Some tips from my TCMD (Dr. of Chinese Medicine)

by You Be Healthy

I had a question from a reader who was diagnosed with Lupus.  They were wondering if I’d come across natural remedies to help with joint pain.

I found some great info on Dr. Mercola’s website which I posted:

Omega-3 Fats Can Improve Lupus Symptoms

One Man’s Triumph Over Raynaud’s Syndrome, Lupus and RA with Dietary Changes

I also said that I would ask my TCMD at my next appointment which was today!  Here are a few more ideas thanks to my awesome Jane! 🙂

To help with joint pain:

To help with immune system (Lupus is an autoimmune disease):

  • Vitamin C – 1000 mg x 3 per day (spread out over the day)
  • Vitamin E (will thin blood a bit, so make sure with your doc that this is OK)
  • Acupunture

I hope this helps!

To YOUR health,


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