My Knee Rehab Update! Hiking and Power Plate

by You Be Healthy


Whistler, BC - My first hike post knee op! Day 25

My knee operation recovery is still going perfectly and about a month ahead of schedule!  I did my first hike this weekend at 25 days post surgery – very exciting!  It was great for the mind to get out in nature – my favorite place to be.  And if the Mind is happy, the Body will be happy!  I’ll be writing a blog post soon on the ‘Mind/Body connection’; a connection which we tend to forget in these hectic times.

I will be trying out the ‘Power Plate’ this Saturday!  This is a machine that stimulates the body’s natural response to vibration and accelerates training.  It is mainstream in Europe, but has been VERY slow to catch on in North America.  There are many other benefits besides accelerated fitness, including increased HGH (Human Growth Hormone) output , building bone density, improving flexibility and much more.  Plus, if Sting is using it, it must be good…! 🙂  It is going to help speed up my recovery even more, so stay tuned!

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You Be Healthy

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