Now I’m a “Phenomenon”? :o) 3 Week Post Knee Operation Visit!

by You Be Healthy


My orthopedic surgeon works out of beautiful Squamish, BC.

I am back from a nice drive to beautiful Squamish, BC which is a half hour drive North towards Whistler from Vancouver.  Today was my 3 week post-operation visit to see Dr. McConkey (great guy and incredible surgeon!).  Dr. McConkey has done thousands of knee operations in the past 30 years! He is the Canadian National Ski Team knee ‘guy’.  I was lucky to have him repair my knee!

The theme of this visit was much the same as the last.  He was once again shocked at the rate of recovery.  He said I am a ‘phenomenon’.  Well I don’t know about that, but I am waaaaaaaaay ahead in recovery – about 1 month or more.  So pretty amazing!  I’ll be able to road ride next week which is exciting.  At the moment I am biking on my wind trainer in the garage, so any activity outside sounds pretty great!

If you have been reading the posts about my surgery ‘pre-hab’ etc, you will know what I’ve been up to!  You will also know that I am not ‘special’ and that anyone can heal this quickly.  Just believe you can do it! All the alternative treatments have apparently worked.  I will be blogging about each treatment and explaining why it works.  I’ll also be blogging about other reasons which include diet, supplements, and much more.

Here’s the link to “My Knee Surgery Journey” for other related posts.

To YOUR health,

You Be Healthy

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