Oprah Show: Dr. Oz’s 10 Ways to Live Healthier (Tips 1-3)

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Dr. Oz's 10 Ways to Live Healthier on Oprah

One of the very few TV shows that I will sit down to watch is Oprah.  She truly is an outstanding woman and does so much good for the world and she helps so many people.  I saw that a Dr. Oz special was on the show today so I tuned in so I could report his health tips to you guys!

So here we go…

Dr. Oz’s 10 Ways to Live Healthier

Step 1: Find a Doctor and Schedule a Checkup

The key is finding the RIGHT doctor for YOU.  Your doctor should become your partner in health with whom you feel comfortable talking to.

Dr Oz: “When you go to their office, do the other patients … look like you? Are they board certified? Do they get along with the staff? If you get along with them, that person becomes your health coach. Because, remember, the word ‘doctor’ means ‘teacher,’ so it’s a two-way street. If you come up with the right person, you’re on the right path.”

Step 2: Know the 5 Ingredients to Avoid

High fructose corn syrup
This is found in products like soda.  It is a cheap sugar and is detrimental to our health.

When you eat sugar, you are not giving your body food with nutritional value.  Your brain receives a message that it got calories, but no nutrients.  So your body will crave food until it receives proper nutrients.

They have taken out all nutritional value with processing and have added a little bit back in.

Trans fat (also known as hydrogenated fat)

Saturated fats
From 4 legged animals like cows.

Step 3: The Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet

Eat fresh fruits and veggies – things that aren’t in a can and don’t have a label!  I find that all the products in the outskirts of the grocery store are the ones we should be eating (generally speaking).  All the products in the middle of the store are packaged with labels.

Omega-3 Fats
Dr. Oz: “Remember, 80 percent of our brain is fat. We need to have the right kinds of fats in our body to make sure our brain is the most resilient to stress and can learn the fastest.”  My personal anti-aging doctor suggests eating fresh, cold water fish (ex: wild salmon) 3 times a week.  He also has my taking Life Extension Omega-3’s 3 times a day!  So VERY important!

Another tip from my anti aging doctor – I am now eating oatmeal to get more fiber in my diet.  Lentils and beans are also a great source.

Olive Oil
At least one tablespoon a day!

Those are 3 Steps to get you started!  I will continue with Steps 4-6 in my next post.  Stay tuned!

To YOUR health,


You Be Healthy

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