The Power Plate – Acceleration Training – Amazing!

by You Be Healthy

I am learning about so many cool, new products from my anti-aging doctor and his team.  I just love it!

The latest is a machine called the Power Plate.  It is actually mainstream in Europe, according to a friend of mine who was on the Olympic Dutch bob sled team.  We are apparently a little slow to catch on over here in North America! I was lucky to stumble across this  machine and I’m using it for my ACL knee surgery rehab (and will continue after rehab is done!).

The machine vibrates your body 2,000 times per minute while increasing circulation, triggering muscle contractions, and improving strength and performance.  It might make you raise your eyebrows and wonder, but this vibrating platform known as the Power Plate truly does provide all these results.  The technology behind the Power Plate uses what is known as Acceleration Training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration and movement.

You can use it to increase the intensity of squats, push ups etc and take your workout to a new level.  Alternatively, elderly people can use it to rest specific areas of the body on the plate to increase circulation and create movement in sedentary muscles.  Pretty amazing!

Using the Power Plate also helps with the following: rebuilds bone density, reduces the stress hormone (Cortisol), helps regenerate connective tissue, stimulates the Human Growth Hormone (declines as we age), and releases Serotonin (makes us feel good!).  Wow!

It is going to help take my fitness to a new level and help me lower my body fat percentage (yay!).

Here’s a little video from a session on the Power Plate. Fraser, my trainer, tells us about some of the benefits:

To your health,

Kim Duess

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