Want to Kick the Morning Java Jolt? Here’s a Natural Coffee Substitute Idea.

by You Be Healthy


I enjoy my healthy morning drink everyday!

I didn’t drink coffee until Freshman year at University.  I had to pull some ‘all nighters’ writing essays until the sun came up, so I started drinking coffee to stay awake.  That is when I acquired the taste for coffee.  Up until then, I thought it tasted horrible and wondered what all the hype was about!

That lead to me discovering the world of lattes – YUM.  I had one every morning for a few years.  It was my comfort drink to kick start the day!   I have an espresso maker at home so I brewed my morning java to my personal perfection 🙂  It was also a fun social outing to do with friends at work.  You know – the mid day Starbucks walk to chat and have a break away from ‘cubicle village’! I never drank it to wake me up though.  I wasn’t a caffeine ‘junkie’.

I read and learned about the effects caffeine has on the body and rethought my morning ritual.  I wasn’t drinking coffee for the caffeine, so I decided to drink organic decaf lattes with almond milk (cutting back on dairy too).  It was delicious!  If you do drink organic decaf coffee, be sure to only buy Swiss Water Process Decaf as it does not use chemicals.  I was down to a pretty tasty, healthy morning drink.

I was purusing the great products in my local health food store about a year ago and saw “Bambu– Instant Swiss Coffee Substitute” in the tea/coffee section.  I thought ‘How good can that taste?!’  The lady in the store told me it was actually really good.  I’m all for trying new natural products, so out I walked with my pretend coffee concoction!

Well guess what?  It IS really good. Now don’t get me wrong, it does not taste like your Italian roast espresso and will take some getting used to if you are seriously into coffee.  Then I discovered another product that tastes exactly the same – Krakus Coffee Subsitute from Poland – which is made of the same ingredients: chicory, figs, wheat, malted barley and acorns.

So if you want to get off the caffeine in the morning, and herbal tea isn’t going to cut it, give either of these 2 products a try!

To YOUR health,


You Be Healthy

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