Baby Carrots Are Not Really Baby Carrots – The Inside Scoop!

by You Be Healthy


Baby Carrots...the Scoop!

Baby carrots aren’t REALLY baby carrots?

When I first heard this, I was doubtful.  I love snacking on those tasty morsels!

I recently discovered that baby carrots aren’t what they seem – far from it!

I received a ‘NaturalNews Tip of the Day’ which stated the following:

Those “baby carrots” you buy at the grocery store are not baby carrots: They’re actually cut out of rejected full-sized carrots, then soaked in a chemical solution to prevent mold. That’s why they never seem to mold in the plastic bag. That’s also why they have no skin, and why they’re all exactly the same shape (like chicken McNuggets…)

This prompted me to do some further research and found this article by Dr. Mercola, which confirms we should be staying away from them: 

The Hidden Story Behind Baby Carrots

So there you have it!  If you love those mini carrots, buy the ‘grown up’ carrots and cut them up :)!

To your health,
You Be Healthy

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