Back in the (Bike) Saddle! 7.5 Weeks Post ACL Operation!

by You Be Healthy

Whistler, BC - 3rd Single Track Mountain Bike Ride Post-Knee Operation!

I am just in from my 3rd single track mountain bike ride post knee operation and I am ‘flying high’!  Nothing beats being outdoors in the forest on fun, ‘shwoopy’ single track trails.  It really is exhilarating!

I am at 7.5 weeks post ACL knee operation.  I’ve been biking on the stationary bike in the gym since week 1.5 post op, and was able to start riding on the road at 4 weeks.

I have quite a few rehab miles under my belt and my knee felt very strong on the trails this weekend.  I did some nice hill climbs and powered up them with no problem.  I stuck to the beginner trails as it is all about building up leg strength and also building up the mental confidence that almost everyone who has had surgery will need to work on!  I just had ‘positive chatter’ going on during my ride which won over the ‘be careful chatter’ which is not what you need to move forward!

I have the 'OK' to Kite Surf (but no big air or tricks yet!)

I have the ‘OK’ from my surgeon to start kite surfing, so I’ll be heading out kiting very soon!

I am still on my knee surgery ‘program’ that you can read about in previous posts.

To your health,

You Be Healthy

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