Resveratrol in a Nutshell

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Resveratrol is a polyphenal in red wine.

You have probably seen the name “Resveratrol” floating around and may have wondered what in the world it is!

I learned about resveratrol in ‘Breakthrough: The 8 Steps to Wellness‘.  Suzanne Somers interviewed incredible leading edge preventative health doctors, and they all spoke about the incredible benefits of resveratrol!

I have been taking resveratrol ever since I read about it which my preventative health doctor was very happy to hear!

The following information is thanks to Dr. Ron Rothenberg (in Breakthrough) whose specialty is preventative and regenerative medicine.  His approach is cutting-edge and I love learning what he has to say about health!

About Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a polyphenal in red wine that is thought to be the major player in the “French Paradox”.  The paradox is that French people eat all the yummy, rich, creamy foods and drink lots of red wine, but have less cardiovascular disease than Americans!  Hmmmm…interesting!


Resveratrol turns on the same genes that control calorie restriction and they are called sirtuin genes.

Dr. Rothenberg explains that calorie restriction is the most consistent intervention that makes animals live longer and healthier.  He says that if you get enough protein and vitamins and eat half the calories, you could live up to 150 years!  But of course you would be pretty hungry the whole time and that would not be fun!!  So this is where resveratrol comes into play!

Resveratrol turns on the same genes that control calorie restriction and they are called sirtuin genes.  These genes say to the body “Stay Alive!”.  So supplementing with resveratrol may be a way to duplicate the benefits of calorie restriction…but you don’t have to starve and can still enjoy food!

When a grape has fungus on its skin, the grape is in danger of dying from this fungus.  So the grape makes resveratrol to stay alive.  It turns on the same genes in the grape that are in an animal which is starving.  The gene helps the animal stay alive until it gets food!  Pretty amazing stuff.

So when we supplement with resveratrol, we are turning on these ‘stay alive’ genes!  The ‘stay alive’ genes help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune disease etc.  THIS is preventative health!

Dr. Rothenberg concludes by saying that we all should be taking this supplement.

Thank you so much to Suzanne Somers for writing Breakthrough and to Dr. Ron Rothenberg for his fantastic preventative health information!

To your health,

Kim Duess
You Be Healthy

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