Update on ACL Knee Surgery Rehab – Kite Surfing at 8 Weeks!

by You Be Healthy


Kite Surfing at Nitinat Lake 8 Weeks Post ACL Knee Surgery! ~ Kim Duess

I haven’t posted on my knee surgery rehab status in the last few weeks.  So here’s the latest update!

My rehab is still accelerated by at least 1.5 months and I’m doing my various natural remedies, which I’ve written about in previous posts.  I am no longer going to physio as I was at the limit of what they could do for me.  I do my physio routine at the gym and go to the Power Plate gym at least once a week.  The power plate training is just remarkable.

I am also taking a cutting-edge, natural supplement, recommended by my amazing Preventative/Antiaging Doctor, which has taken my fitness and strength to a new level, and has helped me lower my body fat (yay!) and gain more muscle.  I will be posting more on this very soon! 🙂

I went to see my surgeon at 7 weeks and he gave me the ‘OK’ to kite surf on a surfboard with no straps and with my knee brace.  I was ecstatic!

9 weeks post-ACL surgery, I found myself kite surfing on Nitinat Lake, my favorite place in the world, grinning from ear to ear!  I took it easy and kited smoothly, doing only one hour per day for the first 4 days.  I just returned from the 2nd kite surf trip where I kited 7 days in a row for a few hours everyday with no leg fatigue – hooray!

You can click here to read what I did before surgery which helped with the speedy recovery.  I’ve had many inquiries from people who are heading to surgery and also from those who are in rehab.  It’s great to hear from everyone and I am happy to pass along the information and help others have an accelerated recovery as well!

To your health,

Kim Duess
You Be Healthy

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