The ‘Neti Pot’ – Alleviates Allergies and Great for General Respiratory Health!

by You Be Healthy

My Neti Pot and Sea Salt

My Neti Pot and Sea Salt

I was introduced to the Neti pot (sanskrit for ‘Nasal Pot) about 2 years ago.  It looks like a little tea pot and most are ceramic.  Using a Neti Pot is a traditional method to purify and revitalize the breathing passages.  This process can reduce allergies and decrease your chances of contracting upper respiratory infections.  It has been used in India for 3,000 years and has recently become more mainstream through the practices of Ayurveda.

Dr. Oz spoke about the Neti pot on Oprah and says “Whether called nasal irrigation, nasal lavage, neti-potting or sinus irrigation – when you use it properly, it reduces dust and other contaminants in the nose, and it’s a very effective way to clean the sinuses. Modern studies are showing that it’s as effective as drugs for preventing sinus infections.”

How to Use the Neti Pot

A Volunteer Demonstrating How To Use The Neti Pot with Dr. Oz on Oprah

A Volunteer Demonstrating How To Use The Neti Pot with Dr. Oz on Oprah

First you add warm water and a small amount (1/8 teaspoon) of sea salt to the Neti pot.  Then tilt your head and  place the spout of the Neti pot in the higher nostril and pour. The water will run out the other nostril.  The first time can be challenging and the water may not go where you want it to!  Once you figure out the angle/positioning, it is easy and feels great.

If you suffer from allergies, I highly recommend trying the Neti pot for some natural, non-drowsy relief!  It is also great for relieving nasal dryness on airplanes and may help fight off colds.

You can buy neti pots in health food stores and also online.

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