Anti-Aging Doctor Visit – 10% Body Fat Loss in 4.5 Months!

by You Be Healthy

I am back from my latest visit with my preventive health/anti-aging doctor!  We went over my latest test results and did a ‘truncal body fat’ test (the one where they pinch fat with calipers!). Today I will talk about my testosterone.  Yes, you are all getting to know me very well! 🙂

My Testosterone

My testosterone is now where it should be and the ratio between my estrogen/testosterone/progesterone is ‘perfect’.  This was not the case when I had my initial tests done.  It was initially very low – testosterone levels of a 60 year old woman (!!) and I am 38.  It is natural for a woman to have high estrogen and lower testosterone, but mine was almost nonexistent.  When testosterone in women is too low, the following may occur:

  • fatigue
  • a feeling of being imbalanced
  • memory loss
  • abdominal fat gain
  • weight gain
  • low libido

From the book “Breakthrough” (Suzanne Somers): Testosterone balancing (bio-identical hormones, NOT synthetic) in women decreases the risk of breast cancer (Dimitrakakis 2004). It can decrease inflammation, which protects the heart, improve energy, protect bone density, lower LDL cholesterol levels, enhance blood glucose levels, improve muscle strength, improve brain function and decrease body fat.

How did my testosterone go up?

My anti-aging doctor originally tested all my hormones, including DHEA.  It turned out that my DHEA levels were fairly low.  The importance of this is that DHEA can increase testosterone levels (MANY more benefits, but we’ll stick to testosterone here).  Therefore,  I was put on 25 mg of DHEA (Life Extension) and 100 mg of 7-Keto.  7-Keto is a natural metabolite of DHEA. I take these 2 supplements every morning with my protein smoothie and the results show that this little bit of effort was well worth it!  The results…

Body Fat Down 10% in 4.5 Months!

So the huge result was that my body fat went from 33% to 23% in 4.5 months.  Wow!  My doctor nearly fell over 🙂 .  My body is adapting really well to this new ‘program’ and is humming along, apparently very happy to be balanced!  I feel great, have more energy, and am seeing muscle definition.  I have always been active, but wasn’t seeing a lot of results.  Even when I was ‘uber fit’, I always had a little layer of fat (no 6 pack here!).  This was due to an imbalance in my body and I am pretty excited about these changes.  My doctor expects to see me at 20% body fat in a few months and I should end up at about 18% (due to the amount of sporting activity in my life).

The most important part to me is not the aesthetics (although a definite perk!), but the fact I know I am helping my bone density, cholesterol, blood glucose, heart health, brain function etc.

I will write more about my results, bio-identical hormone replacement and other information that I learn from my fantastic preventive health doctor.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read Suzanne Somers’ book, Breakthrough, I highly suggest reading it ASAP.  This is the book that initiated my search for a preventive health doctor.

To your health,


Note: I should emphasize that you should only  supplement with DHEA while working with a preventive health doctor who regularly tests and monitors your levels.  Please remember, my comments and recommendations are not intended to take the place of the observation and guidance of a physician or other healthcare provider.

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