My New Knee Brace is GREAT!

by You Be Healthy

Mountain Biking on the North Shore Trails at Month 4.5 Post Knee Operation With My Asterisk Cell Knee Brace

I’ve been out kite surfing since Month 2 ‘post knee operation’ with the help of my new knee brace!  At Month 3, I ventured out to the mountain bike trails where my trusty brace passed its test with flying colors.  I have a Generation II brace for my other leg and used it after I had that ACL repaired a few years ago, but the brace always moved around when skiing, biking etc.  It is a custom mold brace and costs about $1000!

I discovered a new brace for my newly repaired leg and it is fantastic!  It is the Asterisk Cell brace and I have only positive things to say about it.  The brace does not budge at all and is very comfortable.  It comes with a removable knee pad for those needing protection for mountain biking, dirtbiking etc.   The Asterisk comes in pairs and you get both braces for less than the price of 1 GII brace!  They are around $800 for 2 braces – Wow!

Asterisk designed these braces in multiple sizes and to be fully adjustable so the braces can be tuned to your specific leg size. They have instructions for measuring your leg to purchase the proper size braces on their website.

They are very easy to put on with 4 buckles and 4 straps at the back which cinch to the desired fit.  Just snap, pull and off you go!


This Brace Stays Where It Should!

If you need a knee brace, I highly recommend checking out this brace.  If you are in the Vancouver area, you can order them from Jason at Moto Concepts in North Vancouver – 604.929.2454.

To your health,
You Be Healthy

PS. If you’d like to read more on my knee surgery journey and how I became an ‘accelerated healing case’ (all natural tactics!!), click here.

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