Teach Every Child About Food – Jamie Oliver Spreads the Word

by You Be Healthy

A You Be Healthy Twitter follower sent me the video below as she knows that I am passionate about all things ‘healthy’! Jamie Oliver, featured in the video, is passionate about teaching children about food and health, as am I.

The USA is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world with 2/3s of its population obese. We are now living in an age where our children will live a shorter lifespan than their parents because of the food which they are being fed.  This CAN all change. We can make the change that is needed. It is time for us to teach our kids about food and healthy eating!

Please watch this video and pass it along…this is our nation’s future.

A big thank you to Jamie Oliver for helping spread the word and for promoting healthy awareness throughout the world!

To your health,


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