How To Test Your Body pH (Acidic/Alkaline)

by You Be Healthy

You Be Healthy - pH Strips and Litmus Paper

pH Strips

Our body’s pH – is it acidic or alkaline –  seems to be the new catchword these days when it comes to health.  This is why the pH testing strips (litmus paper) caught my eye at a health food store.  I knew there was a healthy pH balance needed in our body for optimum health, so I thought it would be a great idea to keep an eye on it everyday!  If I find that my body is too acidic, I can do something about it and be proactive.  After doing some research, it appears that our blood should have a pH of 7.35 – 7.45 (1).

To perform this simple test, all you need is a roll of testing pH paper, a plastic spoon and some fresh saliva.

Step 1:

Wait until 2 hours after your last meal before testing.  Swallow a few times to stimulate new saliva.

Step 3:

Spit fresh saliva into a plastic spoon.  Don’t do as I did the first time and stick your tongue on the paper – it is covered in chemicals!

Step 2:

Tear off a strip of pH paper and dip into the saliva.  Compare the colour of your saliva pH paper with the colour coded chart (will come with the pH paper).  And you are done!

Happy pH testing! 🙂

You Be Healthy


Disclaimer: Opinions about what is an ideal pH (acidic and alkaline) range vary and this is just one opinion.

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