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Your ad will appear as a 200 x 60 pixel ads in the right column, below the fold, on every article page on  These are full-time ads (they are always there, they do not rotate off). All pages are spidered automatically by Google News and many other news aggregation sources. Your ads will automatically appear on all news web pages that are published during the months(s) you have contracted for ad placement.

This placement is limited to 10 ads + 2 You Be Healthy public service ads, which always appear at the bottom of the list (below paid sponsor ads).


200 x 60 pixel format (gif or jpg); No larger than 30k file size; No animation or sound. Advertisers are responsible for providing their own creatives and click-through URL. Ad creatives must be clean and must meet the advertising approval by You Be Healthy. All ad creatives must be received by You Be Healthy at least 3 business days before the beginning of the month in which they are scheduled to run.

Audience Profile

You Be Healthy readers are 67% female, majority have 4-year university degree or better. Core age range from 30 – 45. Many have children or teens. Above average income earners. Very discerning readers of ingredient labels. Large purchasers of organic foods. Many shop at Whole Foods or food co-ops. Many are into eco-conscious living, yoga, vegetarianism, etc.

What products do well on You Be Healthy:

Natural health foods, supplements, raw ingredients, kitchen appliances, credible weight loss products (no junk, no fillers), home fitness equipment, herbs, natural remedies, health education courses, self improvement, eco-conscious products, energy conservation, renewable energy, green home products, natural body care, natural skin care, organic gardening, sustainable living, yoga, pilates, meditation, “Gaiam” type products. Health newsletters and books do very well, too.

You Be Healthy PROHIBITS ads promoting products that contain: HFCS, yeast extract, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils, chemical pharmaceuticals, toxic perfumes and fragrance chemicals, etc.

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