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I recently went skiing without my knee brace at 10 months post ACL knee surgery.  It was a mental challenge – not physical.  Here is my video blog update with details. For more of my ‘knee surgery journey’ posts, and to find out how I recovered so fast, please click here. To your health, […]

Here is a short video update on my progress. My rehab is going great! To YOUR health, Kim

My jaw hit the ground while reading a cover story in a news magazine which slammed Oprah Winfrey, Suzanne Somers, Jenny McCarthy and other women pioneers for supporting forward-thinking/alternative health medicine.  The tone was aggressive, cynical and just plain poor journalism.  It did not show both sides of the story and was a vicious attack.  […]

I am back from a nice drive to beautiful Squamish, BC which is a half hour drive North towards Whistler from Vancouver.  Today was my 3 week post-operation visit to see Dr. McConkey (great guy and incredible surgeon!).  Dr. McConkey has done thousands of knee operations in the past 30 years! He is the Canadian […]