deepak chopra

The Power of Words

by You Be Healthy

This is a wonderful short film illustrating the power your words have on creating your reality and how changing them can truly change your life.  Much along the same lines as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s message that changing your thoughts can indeed change your life. Have a beautiful day, everyone! To your health, You Be Healthy […]

I recently set an intention to do a daily 10 minute morning meditation.  When I do this, my day seems to run perfectly!  I am able to look at challenges in a positive perspective and breathe through any stressful situation.  My morning meditation hasn’t become a habit, and I do miss many days… Well, I […]

My jaw hit the ground while reading a cover story in a news magazine which slammed Oprah Winfrey, Suzanne Somers, Jenny McCarthy and other women pioneers for supporting forward-thinking/alternative health medicine.  The tone was aggressive, cynical and just plain poor journalism.  It did not show both sides of the story and was a vicious attack.  […]