Did you know that you can make your own coconut milk in no more than a couple of minutes? I was buying organic coconut milk, both the tetra pack and canned (BPA-Free) versions, and  did some investigating into what was in the lining of BPA-Free cans.  I didn’t like what I found, but that’s a […]

Former NBA Star, Brian Grant, speaks about his battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  He’s doing many natural treatments now and has made many lifestyle changes. He looks at this journey as a door opening and is working on helping find a cure for Parkinson’s. To your health, Kim Duess You Be Healthy

I like ‘pro-health’ or ‘preventive medicine’ better than ‘anti-aging medicine’. It is way more positive and has a better vibe! :o) A great quote from a great friend: “Support causes that are PRO something, not Anti. Energy goes where focus goes…!” So, what do YOU think? To YOUR health, Kim You Be Healthy