Electromagnetic Field Exposure: The Latest Danger—’Smart Meters’

by You Be Healthy

I’ve been researching Smart Meters the last few months since they are going to be installed in all houses in British Columbia, Canada which is where I live.  WOW!  I am completely blown away by what I’ve learned and how this might affect our health.

Smart meters using wireless technology are also being installed in many US states and European countries (Idaho and Italy used fibre-optic connections rather than wireless).  There are certain municipalities which have managed to put the Smart Meter program in their area on hold until more studies are done regarding the impact of this technology on health.

I recently met with EMF expert and author of Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health, Jim Waugh, who spoke to me in great details about the negative health impacts he says Smart Meters will have on our health if/when they are installed.  This meeting prompted me to do a blog post on Smart Meters.

Please take the time (30 minutes) to watch this presentation about these ‘Smart’ Meters.  It is a bit long but VERY informative, and worth the time:

This is some information from Dr. Mercola’s EMF website:

Some areas of the United States have already begun installing a so-called ‘smart grid,’ where utility meters transmit data on your household energy usage wirelessly to the utility. Eventually, they want to expand this to installing smart meters on each household appliance within your home, to individually transmit the usage data to the smart meter.

If this technological advancement is allowed to spread across the nation, public health may plummet across the board.

According to Vickie, they’ve already seen a direct correlation between increasing health complaints in neighborhoods where smart meters have been installed. An excellent interview on the radio frequency these new energy strategies will bring into your home can be found at on ElectromagneticHealth.org. It features Blake Levitt, author of Electromagnetic Fields and a long-time science writer on this topic, and Duncan Campbell, Esq, a visionary thinker on the future of utilities and new energy technologies.

“Usually, the first issue that people start talking about is inability to sleep, or mood swings, along with headaches,” Vickie says.

How can you protect your health if your community forces one on you?

“We’ve talked to several people in Australia. What they’re doing is to put a reflective barrier to keep radiation from your meter from coming into the home,” Vickie says. “The problem is you’ve also got to be aware of your neighbor’s meters and where they are located.”

This can be a significant challenge if you live in a densely populated area or in a multi-unit dwelling. You’d have to identify all the sources, and address all of them.

However, you may be able to request that your meter be set up to transmit information only once a day, as opposed to once every minute. So if your home is outfitted with a smart meter, talk to your utility company and see if you can change the transmission rate to once every 24 hours, ideally during a time that you’re not home. And then tell your neighbors and ask them to do the same.

Here are a few links if you wish to read more on this topic:

Online Petition to Stop Smart Meters in BC
Short YouTube video discussing health and privacy issues.
Jim Waugh’s letter outlining Smart Meter Health and Privacy Risks

Please talk to the MLA’s in your area and ask them to stop Smart Meters until there is proper research done on their affect on health.  Tell your friends and family, post information on your Facebook/Twitter pages, send emails to your contacts – just spread the word!

In health,
You Be Healthy

PS.  I only focused on the health aspects of Smart Meters in this post. The cost of smart meters being installed in the province of BC alone is close to $1 billion…

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