Oil of Oregano – Nature’s Powerful Antibiotic

by You Be Healthy

When I feel a cold or infection coming on, Oil of Oregano is the first thing I reach for.  Every since I started this practice (thanks to a tip from my local Health Food Store friend!), I have fended off every ‘bug’ that has passed my way! I also now take it with me on plane flights to ward off all those germs floating around in the recycled air.  For prevention, I take one drop per day during the cold/flu season.

Don’t confuse Oil of Oregano with the spice found in your kitchen!  The common ‘cooking’ oregano is usually Origanum Marjoram, while Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Vulgare.

Oil of Oregano contains 2 phenols called carvacrol and thymol, which have strong antimicrobial properties.  Studies have shown that both of these compounds have significant effects on harmful microorganisms that cause many illnesses in humans. Both carvarcol and thymol act as free radical scavengers, also known as antioxidants.

It is also antifungal and may be highly effective in fighting yeast, especially Candida albicans. It has been demonstrated to kill Aspergillus Mold, Staphylococcus  food poisoning), E. Coli, and Giardia, among other pathenogic organisms.

Oil of Oregano contains compounds called terpenes which have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. This means it can be used topically on cuts to prevent infections, on gums to reduce pain, and on fungal infections.


(from www.candida-cure-recipes.com)

Oil of Oregano Benefits – Topical Treatment for Fungal Infections of Skin or Nails

Oil of Oregano is one of the best topical treatments for fungal infections of the skin and nails. Mix 5 – 10 drops with one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil to apply to fungal skin infections, or use it straight on toenails and fingernails. You can also apply it in full strength to warts. Remember to dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil before applying it to sensitive areas of your skin. Don’t apply it in full strength to your genital areas, it will feel like its burning. I’m not kidding when I say this stuff is strong.

Oil of Oregano Benefits – Topical Treatment for Oral Hygiene & Oral Infections

You can safely apply Oregano Oil in full strength to your teeth and gums where there is infection present. This is great for canker sores or inflamed gums.

It also kills the bacteria that cause plaque, so you might like to try adding a drop to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth.

Oil of Oregano Benefits – Decongestant and Anti-Allergy

Oregano Oil contains natural antihistamines and decongestants. I have tried this for myself and it works. I am prone to spring pollen allergies and late summer hay fever allergies. I have taken 5 or 6 drops of Oregano Oil diluted with olive oil in a small shot glass of water, followed by another glass of water and the relief is noticeable. Less sneezing, less congestion, less itchy eyes and nose.

Oil of Oregano Benefits – Anti-inflammatory, Pain Reliever

Taken internally, as well as applied topically, diluted Oregano Oil will be of great relief to people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, and tendonitis. When your joints or tendons are inflamed, diluted Oregano Oil applied topically can penetrate deeply beneath the skin’s surface to help reduce swelling and pain. Taken internally it acts as a powerful pain reliever.

I found these possible side effects (from homeremediesweb.com):

  • Oregano oil may reduce the body’s ability to absorb iron. Therefore, it is recommended that any regular use be combined with regular consumption of iron supplements. For this reason, pregnant women are advised not to take Oil of Oregano regularly.
  • People that have allergies to thyme, basil, mint, or sage may be sensitive to Oil of Oregano as well, since they are in the same family of plants. If any skin irritation, rashes, or vomiting occurs when using it, it is recommended that you discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Just a heads up – it is VERY strong!  Be sure to mix it with a little water when taking internally.

It is important to get a high quality Oil of Oregano product.  My health food store friends recommend Oregenol.  I’ve gone through many bottles of it!

As usual, do your own research and consult with your natural health professional if you are unsure as to whether you should use Oil of Oregano.

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